Hainan Ruihua New Energy Automobile Co. Ltd.


Source: Haikou public transport group release time: 18:22:21 2014-03-05 Click: 50 times

In November 2011, Shanghai Ruihua group and Haikou bus group reached an agreement on the promotion of pure electric bus: CO injection of 100 million yuan registered Hainan Ruihua New Energy Automobile Co. Ltd.. The introduction of the first 30 Ruihua electric bus, 20 bus line network in Haikou and in May 2, 2012 officially put on the demonstration run at the end of 2012, once again the introduction of 60 electric bus the bus, in May 24, 2013 30 into the 11 run. The trolley bus station address: Haikou city haidiandao century bridge, an area of 22 acres of land leasing, construction of a 800 megawatt station transformer, 47 charging piles, 80 standard parking spaces, and a maintenance center, control room, office, counting room Taiwan, clean car management logistics facilities. The total investment of more than 6 million yuan, the company currently has a total staff of 123 people, according to statistics: the operator has the safe driving mileage of 300 thousand kilometers, the completion of the public Line task 1 million people, reduce carbon emissions of nearly 500 tons, has achieved very good social benefits.