The city of Nanning and Greenland Group, Shanghai Ruihua (Gr


2014 05 23 to source: old friends
22, Nanning city held a forum forum to exchange and Greenland Group and the Shanghai Ruihua (Group) Limited senior line to further promote the metro construction of greenbelt of airport industry and Shanghai Ruihua (Group) Co., Ltd. investment intent. Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee, the district Party committee secretary Li Ze, vice mayor Shi Wenhuai attended the forum.
Shanghai Ruihua (Group) Co., Ltd., chairman of the Shuai Hongyuan introduced the background of enterprise new energy projects, planning, enterprise products, etc., and express your wish to Nanning development cooperation intention, and with the Greenland Group to join stationed in Nanning Green Airport Industrial Town cooperative willingness to. Green group deputy general Xue Yingjie is detailed introduced the Green Airport Economic Zone Planning and the progress of the project.
Li Ze of Shanghai Ruihua (Group) Co., Ltd. welcome, and put forward specific requirements for the green airport industrial town planning. He hoped that the Greenland Group combined with the trend and potential of industrial development in Nanning, to further improve the planning and design projects, especially in the industrial layout should focus on global, long-term, comprehensive consideration of the role of extension set industry chain. Enhance the level of economic development of Nanning industry especially the modern industry, vigorously develop the high-end manufacturing industry to speed up the Nanning city industrial development, promote the transformation of development mode, has important significance to enhance the core competitiveness. Through the cooperative efforts of both sides, to further enhance the modernization of Nanning industrial competitiveness.